Student Friendly Environment

Our safe and nurturing environment is at the heart of all we do. Happy children, caring teachers, engaging programs, exceptional facilities all create an extraordinary place for young children to learn and grow.

Our Facilities

Our beautiful campus has state of the art outdoor and indoor play spaces designed to provide the students with the best learning experience. The campus is fully enclosed and secure. It's an ideal, warm environment for early learning and growth.
The classrooms are well lighted and provide ample space for exploration and learning. The classrooms are all for whole group circle time, cooperative games, role play, individual table activities, teacher-directed small group sessions, skill-based learning centers, and project areas.

  • Art room,
  • Exploration patio,
  • Large ventilated classrooms,
  • Music and movement room,
  • Resource rooms,
  • Reading area;
  • Play area, playground,
  • Water play area,
  • Smart boards,
  • Kitchen
  • Healthroom